Timber Work Tops 

Timber Work Tops
Hardwood Worktops 
Few things compare with the look and feel of natural wood. Hardwood worktops blend into almost any kitchen design. Be it contemporary or old farmhouse, wood can create the wow factor you're looking for. Hardwood worktops are extremely durable and versatile. If solid hardwood worktops become scratched or water stained, its simple to re-sand and re-oil and restore as good as new. Here are some recommendations for keeping your hardwood tops in great condition: 
Spills: Clean up spillages quickly especially on the lighter wood types. Treating with Danish oil will give you a waterproof barrier, but must be re-applied on a regular basis. 
Fit for purpose: Although all hardwood worktops are great for any kitchen environment Iroko is particular good for fitting in areas where water is running freely, for instances; around sinks. Iroko is frequently the wood of choice for installing in harbours and docks as fenders and dock supports. Iroko is an African timber with excellent properties for kitchen worktops as it contains natural oils and silica which repel water. The problem with Iroko is that as an African hardwood, getting genuine sustainable timber has, until now, been impossible. Our Iroko is pure 100% FSC certified Iroko. It's quite beautiful, dense, hard, and makes for a really fabulous worktop. In fact we have also made bath surrounds from it, which shows just how confident we are with our manufacturing and finishing compliments the natural properties of Iroko. 
We have an enviable selection of products, including oak worktops, Zebrano worktops, walnut worktops, Iroko worktops, bamboo worktops, and much more.  
Timber Work Tops

Responsibly sourced 

Every species has been expertly sourced, both in terms of the sustainability and quality of the timber itself and the precision of the equipment used in manufacture. As a result, we are able to provide the finest-quality wooden worktops, manufactured to demanding standards. 
Timber Work Tops

Deluxe work tops 

Our Full Stave Oak worktops are carefully crafted from only the best quality raw material available, to provide the ultimate in strength, beauty and durability for many years to come. 
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Timber Work Tops

Style and character 

Full Stave Oak hardwood kitchen worktops create an exceptional look, with an abundance of character that only natural wood can recreate. Our solid wood work surfaces are extremely durable and are built to stand the test of time in even the busiest of households. Timber worktops are unique in the sense that they appear at home in both traditional and contemporary settings, offering immense versatility. A natural wood worktop will only grow more beautiful with age. 
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